With three feature films and numerous shorts to their credit, the OMF production crew has lots to boast about.

Created in 2012 to produce just a single short film to remember the time spent by a Salvation Army Corps Officer (minister) as he left to take up a new challenge, Seven Years in Southport was such a hit that a sell out limited edition DVD run was commissioned.

Following on from that success, an in-house film school to train a crew to produce cinema standard feature films then ran over a six weeks period. With a runtime of over two hours, Tariro premiered at the Plaza cinema in Waterloo, Liverpool and along with it's later re-cut One Way Traffic, garnered a whole host of international awards.

Today, key crew members from that course remain at the heart of OMF.
OMF, or Old Man Film, is a tongue in cheek title poking a little fun at a media industry where youth is king. Set up as a retirement project by a time served and qualified professional, OMF was, and is, proud of the skills harnessed by a lifetime of production and working practice.

OMF however is not a company. Rather, as a not-for-profit project, its sole purpose is to create self-funded films to support charities, other not-for-profit groups and Christian organisations. Over the years, OMF has created visibility and raised thousands of pounds for numerous organisations including The Salvation Army, Age Concern, Queenscourt Hospice, WLLR and others.
Old at the outset, a decade on and Old Man Film has morphed into Very old men, so the high stresses of feature film production are no longer as appropriate on a regular basis.

Even so, new film based projects are in-place, either to support existing groups or entirely new initiatives.

When churches were unable to hold services during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown for example, OMF was heavily involved in virtual worship, creating sermons, bible readings and musical items every week. Towards the end of that period, OMF created eight short musical items featuring a sextet drawn from the Salvation Army corps band at Southport.

Those band shorts were the catalyst for Ssounds (pronounced Ess Sounds), OMF's project to create Christian music videos. Not just to make the films but to also make them freely available in several forms as a free to access and use resource. Go to the Current Projects page of this site and select Ssounds for full details
In parallel, OMF is again making a narrative film - this time a dynamic short feature with a 45 minute runtime that's already at the pre-prod stage and will be filmed in the second quarter of 2024. Go to the Current Projects page of this site and select Down & Out for full details.